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RANIA Loves Wedding Belles!

Chances are your pinterest pinned wedding hairstyles have included hair extensions. Adding hair extensions to your wedding look is the best way to achieve photo ready locks, without the wait. The best thing about our clip-ins and halos are that they are commitment free! Unclip them at the end of the night, and put them back in on your honeymoon when you feel like adding length again.

What should brides be looking for when shopping for hair extensions?

Hair extensions should be 100% human hair, especially when any heat styling is involved. Human hair can be washed, worn and treated exactly like your own hair, and can last a long time if cared for properly. If you mistakenly purchase a synthetic blend of hair extensions, they can melt when heat is applied. This is a sticky situation you’d want to avoid on your already stressful big day. When thinking about length, and color, we suggest consulting with your hairstylist prior to purchasing, so that they can help you choose the best option for your desired wedding style.

How long before the wedding should a bride be fitted for hair extensions?

We suggest this happen before the scheduled trial date. Once you have consulted your stylist on which type of hair extensions you’d like to commit to, they can be ready to be installed at a trial so you can play around with how you want them to look.

Will hair extensions cause any damage to my natural hair?

High quality hair extensions that have been installed correctly will not damage your natural hair. At RANIA we offer 6 different hair installation methods in a wide color range. We recommend working with your professional stylist to figure out the best options for your hair type before you make a final decision.

Can I use hair extensions in an up-do? Will they be visible?

A professional will know exactly where to place your extensions so that they are not visible, even if you opt for an up-do. We recommend finding a RANIA Brand Ambassador to ensure your hair is installed and styled perfectly.

For a list of our RANIA brand ambassadors, contact us at for more info.

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