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How to Travel with Hair Extensions

Vacations are on the rise, and looking fabulous will be on your itinerary, no matter the destination! Whether you’re planning a work-cation or a weekend getaway, travelling can take a toll on your hair extensions. We strongly recommend you have a hair-care travel routine, for this reason.

Silk Pillowcase

While it may be tempting, we do not recommend sleeping in your Clip-In or Halo extensions (our permanent extension methods are totally designed to be slept in.) We recommend packing a silk pillowcase to protect your hair. 100% Silk pillowcases extend the life of extensions by protecting against nightly friction that can lead to dryness, thinning hair and damaged bonds. Silk is durable, breathable, and cool to the touch. You can simply slip it over any pillow provided during your travel to keep your hair protected, and smooth.

Travel Size Extension Brush

Keep your extensions healthy during your travel by keeping an extension-friendly brush on hand. Sitting with the back of your head against a headrest - whether it be on a plane, in a car, or a beach chair in the cabana, can cause matting and tangling. A good brush will allow you to keep your hair extensions tangle-free throughout the trip, which in turn will minimize the possibility of long term hair extension damage. Our Travel Sized Extension Brush will fit right in your purse or beach bag!

Keep Dry

If you’re lucky enough to be headed somewhere tropical, there are a few things to keep in mind. We do not recommend swimming with hair extensions, mostly because chlorine is damaging to all hair types. If you insist on not wearing a swim cap, just remember to use a good conditioner to create a protective barrier, and wash your hair immediately after getting out of the pool.

Keep an eye on our blog for more about how-to care for your hair extensions, and keep them in their best shape, no matter the destination!!

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