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Hot Hair Trends of 2022

With the start of every new year, we always are excited to see what will be the hottest and trendiest looks in hair. With flashbacks to the 90's and bold, individual color choices, we are swooning for these top 3 styles for 2022. Try them out and tell us what your fav look is!

Baby Braids

There is nothing sweeter than face-framing baby braids paired with loose, long curls. They are also a quick and chic way to keep any shorter layers off your face. Whether you want to incorporate baby braids throughout your hair, or alone as an accent, but fear you don’t have enough hair to work with, clip-in hair extensions are a great way to add length for a beachier relaxed feel, or even to add bulk into each braid.

Voluminous Blowout

Channel your inner supermodel! If you’ve been scrolling through the vast collection of Instagram Reels and Tiktoks, chances are you have come across a bouncy blowout tutorial. To date, there are nearly 983.6M views of TikTok videos using the hashtag #dysonairwrap. However, not all of us have been blessed with hair that does what it’s told, so adding in hair extensions can help with your desired body and volume while staying on trend!

Color Blocking Halos

If you’re all about a statement hair color, you’ll be happy to hear that high-contrast looks are back in style—more specifically, color blocking. The technique involves coloring a section of hair in a contrasting shade, so it stands out against the rest of your tresses, creating a look that’s eye-catching and fun. If your hair care goal of 2022 includes less color damage, hair extensions are the perfect substitution. A temporary or semi permanent extension method in any contrasting color(s), is the perfect way to get the peek-a-boo look —without further damage from processing.

Keep an eye on our blog for more inspiration and styles for a bright new year!!

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